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The Cow wrote:

> Ummm....In Chinatown, there's a bookstore (Something to do with a world
> journal) that has every Endless Waltz kit (1/144) in the back. That's pretty
> much it. If yer lookin' for MG and PG, you might want to try Hobbytown. It's
> in Quincy Center, 1515 whatever-the-street-was, also carries a great
> selection of other things. Actually, there is less than 5 shelves dedicated
> to Gundam, and only one shelf has MG, so hurry up before they're out...

That would be Hancock Street.
Take the red line southbound to Quincy Center, exit out the station to the right
and walk down 2.5 blocks and it'll be on the right - on the corner.

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