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> Alright, I want find some threads that I remember from back when I first
> joined this list. I joined about 3 weeks after GW started airing on Toonami,
> and was wondering when that was. (the date it started I mean, and this is
> the first time BTW). There was a discussion on the sensors located in a
> Gundams head which led to a discussion on cockpit designs. At the time I
> didn't know who the Zeon and Feds were, but still found this to be an
> interesting thread. Also about the same time as that thread ended, there was
> a thread on famous lines from Gundam. I've seen UC now, and wanted to go
> back and see how many of them I recognize, and start using a few of them.
> Any help would be appreciated, but mainly I just need to know when GW
> started, I can look in the archives, I just need to know the date to start
> from. Arigato minna.
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I believe it was March 12, 2000 it was on a Monday I knw that for sure.

Char "The Red Comet" Aznable

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