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BlazeEagle wrote:
> Anyone here know how popular V Gundam was when it was new? It must have
> been at least semi liked, as there are lot of toys and kits of the various
> Gundam's and main enemy. There wasn't a flood of V stuff, but what there was
> was a good amount. First Gundam and Wing, seem to be the most popular of all
> the Gundam series, as those and Zeta to a lesser extent, seem to be the only
> old Gundam shows to have current toys and kits from.

My guess is it wasn't very hot when it was on. Perhaps the timing was
bad, Japanese fans wasn't really into robot shows then? Not sure why.

Personally I like it a lot. A lot of traditional G fans (including
myself) are turned-off by the bug eyes and hula-hoops and other
"non-Gundam" mechs and mechanisms. But the stroy is really good and the
characters rather likable.

I don't think there are enough V models and toys. You have just the
Gundams and a very limited choice of baddies. Many of the key bad guys
were not available in either toys and models (except for resin maybe).
MG, PG and MSiA have all ignored V mechs completely. Even SD toys and
models have under-represented V. The number of reference and art books
for V is also a lot smaller than popular series like 0079, Z and W.

There are many really cool ships in V, excepting those horrid wheeled
ships of course. It's really a shame that no ships from V are available
as models or toys.

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