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And the Zanscaar MS are just ridiculous. Insects, helicoptors, motorcycles,
hula hoops - what were they thinking?
And Usso beating Cronocle in the first episode- yeah right, kid! Jamesgun as
the uc 0153 GM? Weak! I'd take a Gun EZ any day!
Maria Pia Ammonia? Go clean some windows!


On Thu, 22 Mar 2001 21:16:53 -0800, wrote:

> >> It's set far in the Future, but it is in UC. It's listed as UC at
> >> Gundam Project. While I've never seen it, what I've read sounds
> >> interesting
> >> and I like the streamlined Gundam designs in V.
> >
> >I want to say it's around UC150.
> Close, UC 0153.
> >I saw the series when it aired originally,
> >and it was a bit of a tear jerker at times. I really want Bandai to "MG"
> >V and V2.
> >
> >- Vlad
> The general reaction at the time was that it was a weak copy of the
> original (the fact that Chronicle Asher wore a mask, is "of noble
> birth" and related to one of the main female characters did not help
> much. The "coloring" of Shakti was also thought to be an attempt to
> cash-in on Nadia's popularity). I liked the series, much better than
> most of the alternate universe ones, but it does get kind of silly
> during the first 10 or so episodes they always have to combine the
> Gundam in the air. At the rate they were being attacked, they should
> just leave it in combined mode so it'd be ready for action. The V's
> core fighter by itself was pretty useless against most MS anyway.
> Eddie
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