Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Thu, 22 Mar 2001 21:16:53 -0800

>> It's set far in the Future, but it is in UC. It's listed as UC at the
>> Gundam Project. While I've never seen it, what I've read sounds
>> interesting
>> and I like the streamlined Gundam designs in V.
>I want to say it's around UC150.

Close, UC 0153.

>I saw the series when it aired originally,
>and it was a bit of a tear jerker at times. I really want Bandai to "MG" the
>V and V2.
>- Vlad

The general reaction at the time was that it was a weak copy of the
original (the fact that Chronicle Asher wore a mask, is "of noble
birth" and related to one of the main female characters did not help
much. The "coloring" of Shakti was also thought to be an attempt to
cash-in on Nadia's popularity). I liked the series, much better than
most of the alternate universe ones, but it does get kind of silly
during the first 10 or so episodes they always have to combine the
Gundam in the air. At the rate they were being attacked, they should
just leave it in combined mode so it'd be ready for action. The V's
core fighter by itself was pretty useless against most MS anyway.


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