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--- "Richard Ramos - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Gundam!"
<gaijin@i-manila.com.ph> wrote:
> Good point you got there. I have to admit, I didn't
> take into account that
> the base crew would be given free run of the base.
> OOPS. But even then,
> the Hangar of the Albion should have been under
> lockdown. and the personnel
> assigned to security of the two MS's should have
> been strict, all things
> considered.
They had a Zeon Spy in White base who was name Orville
did you forget the Zeon Spy?

Also Gato was Wearing a Earth Federations Unform when
he was in the Hanger you think they can tell who is
there enemy by wearing there Unform ?

Kou fell for it so did his friend they thought he was
the Gato was Lieutenant when they saw him.

they could not stop the Gato because he over the rank
lol. thats

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