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>which is another plot hole. why is Kou, a test pilot,
>complaining that he has no experience? He must have
>had pilotted something in battle already, practice or
>real, to be able to be selected to be a test pilot.
>and here he is getting scraped up in battle and shit.
>i mean come on! if you're gonna say he was in a new
>mobile suit when he took the GP01 out the first time,
>then remember it was also the first time Gato took the
>GP02 out too

Kou is a newbie when it came to the actual battle. His reactions were typical of newbies in real combat. Gato may have used the GP-02A for the
time, but what if they had simulators that'll give Gato the familiarity he needs? I mean, Orville was their spy, and there's reason to believe that he may have given Delaz's fleet the necessary data about the GP-02A. Also, Gato is already a veteran pilot and he's already dealt with the associated emotions and physiological responses that a combat newbie would have underwent.

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