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>Even better, they shouldn't have loaded the nuke, they should have had the
>GP02 in a state of total shutdown (there should have been engineer's locks
>on the damn thing), and then the activation diskette should have been kept
>secure. Another thing was to keep the cockpit in a state of lockdown, and
>have protective locks on the foot controls, LOL!

agreed on all counts...darnit...stealing a new 'Mech in BattleTech is even harder than in Gundam, where the new 'Mech locks out without the proper voice activation command lines, old Star League-era 'Mechs though are easier to steal just by strapping a magnet onto a part of its security box.

even if Gato had been able to bypass all security measures (most likely, since Orville, Anaheim Electronics mechanic, was also his accomplice and would've given Gato the figurative keys to the backdoor), had they (Nina, et. al) not loaded the nuke beforehand, Gato's effort would've been a dud. Anyway, the GP-02A and GP-01 were inside the Albion's MS hangar when the theft happened.

IMO Kou was able to determine that the GP-02A was a nuke-capable unit because of the heavy armor, huge shield (but I don't think he knew at that time that it had most of the cooling system, but the large vents are rather suspicious), large bazooka (Kou could've probably known how big was MS-use nuke warhead). Kou was probably more of a MS-head that we all know - how would've he been able to fix Kelly's Val Varo quicker than Kelly himself? In fact, Kou knew some parts were in need of replacement just by looking (and probably touching) at it.

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