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Even better, they shouldn't have loaded the nuke, they should have had the
GP02 in a state of total shutdown (there should have been engineer's locks
on the damn thing), and then the activation diskette should have been kept
secure. Another thing was to keep the cockpit in a state of lockdown, and
have protective locks on the foot controls, LOL!

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> As it was mentioned earlier, it was Peace Time, and with the amount of
> personnel turnover created during the OYW(besides, do you know everyone
> work with ^_^), it wouldn't really be all that difficult to get in.
> Mind you, I admit that he should have been checked for ID when entering
> Albion, but then again, Kou walked right in.
> Like everywhere else, if you look the part and have the right papers, then
> you can probably do just about anything.
> What they did need was a key to start the GP02, that would have stopped
> right in his tracks("Anyone know how to hotwire a Gundam?").
> Let's face it, the whole project was a shamble right from when they
> If it was so "secret and secure", I'm sure there would have been armed
> guards and the like posted every 5 feet...

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