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> > and another tech question: why does the GP01 perform
> > so poorly in space? if it has enough thrust to fly in
> > the atmosphere, it should at least be able to move its
> > arm or some thing to aim and shoot? that is one of the
> > biggest tech holes i know
> Actually, it's not. to be space capable, one must have enough maneuvering
> verniers...remember, in space, to maneuver correctly, one needs to have as
> many verniers as possible to move correctly, and to have them with enough
> thrust to go about it correctly. also, it could have been a problem in the
> OS of the GP01...a gravity atmosphere is different to a space environment,
> and if the computer isn't ready for that...well, there you go.
right, the pilot dosn't nessicarily directly control the limbs, the
AMBCS does that, and on the ground a command to go foreward could have
your MS kicking it's feet in space while a space configured OS would
likely knock itself smack onto it's face with the boot from it's main
thrusters from the same command.. that's why Kou should have listened to
Nina about the calculations


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