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--- Gundam EZEight <rx_79g_ez_8@yahoo.com> wrote:
> the prototypes were on the Albion at the time,
> correct?
> strange how Gato can waltz in to an assault carrier,
> look up at the gundam, walks into the cockpit, sits
> down, and takes it out with out anyone knowing....
> honestly, Gato would have a worse time trying to
> steal

There was a Spy you know who he was,it was Orvile one
of Gundam Mechanic how did he become Involed with with
the Zeon thats a good thing you forgot he helped Gato
sneak in the Base.

Well Tell me what did Gato Wear an Earth Federation
Unform or a Zeon Unform when he got into the hanger
were the Gundam was?

Because I remember he was wearing a Earth Federation
Unform the Rank of Lieutenant because Keith and Kou
Soluted Gato.

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