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> What the hell?
> It's cheaper to buy it issue by issue from them rather than getting a
> subscription...maybe the single issue price doesn't count shipping, Oh
> well, I'll stick to waiting for Diamond comics to release them in the US
> 14.95.

Yeah, it's very steep. The page for the HJ subscription says it includes
shipping. It's cheaper to just buy each issue. I'd rather spend the $15 an
issue of HJ costs on an MSiA or a 1/144 th kit anyway. Now, if I could read
Japanese, I would buy HJ. I have the 300th issue I believe it is and an old
issue wtih nothing but kits in it and an HJ EX all toy issue with a story on
MS in Pocket, so it's been a while since I've got any issues of HJ :)

To anyone who can read Japanese, How much information are people like me
missing, since we can't read Japanese? Is it still worth it to get? I liked
what I saw, but was dying to be able to read it, as one has a nice mini
Gundam manga that look's interesting. Don't know how far I will get, but I
want to learn Japanese, so I can read this stuff and maybe offer a
translation service for a fee that's equal to the work required for each
translation project.

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