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Gundam EZEight wrote:

> which is another plot hole. why is Kou, a test pilot,
> complaining that he has no experience? He must have
> had pilotted something in battle already, practice or
> real, to be able to be selected to be a test pilot.
> and here he is getting scraped up in battle and shit.
> i mean come on! if you're gonna say he was in a new
> mobile suit when he took the GP01 out the first time,
> then remember it was also the first time Gato took the
> GP02 out too

Considering the number of times that he freezes up in the first couple of
episodes, I think its pretty clear that he has no practical combat
experience. In fact, he may have graduated from the academy after the
war (given his apparent youth, I think that's fairly likely). Due to the
excessive casualties during the war, the Federation has more than likely
adopted a policy of teaming veteran teams with teams with no combat
experience. This leads to situations like the Australia base, where you
have a mixture of older vets such as Burning, and young rookies like Kou
and Keith (although there is apparently another team either there or
stationed nearby that Gato gets to take down in short order in episode
Probably the decision was made at some unknown level that due to its
isolation (the Albion's flight course makes it appear as if Sydney is/was
the only city near the base), the base would make a good place to stick
things it would like to keep out of the public eye, such as nuclear
warheads and test suits. Assign both there, keep the regulated mixture
of combat and rookie (albeit probably better than average) pilots, and
you get a situation much like the one in 0083.
Of course, all of this is merely speculation, since we don't have any
firm data on any of it.


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