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Gundam EZEight wrote:

> the prototypes were on the Albion at the time,
> correct?
> strange how Gato can waltz in to an assault carrier,
> look up at the gundam, walks into the cockpit, sits
> down, and takes it out with out anyone knowing....
> honestly, Gato would have a worse time trying to steal
> a MG GP02A from HLJ

Were they? I thought they had been moved to the base itself, but its
been long enough that I don't recall.
The problem, though, as pointed out earlier, is that inside the base no
one is worrying over much about security since its peacetime and the
outer security takes care of that stuff, the whole 'there are no enemies'
mentality (after all, the Federation just beat the only group capable of
standing up to them), and the fact that the outer security is relying on
the fact that there 'are no enemies'. Top it off with the fact that
there are a bunch of legitimate visitors to the base (including two
civilians) that came in with the Albion, and you have the mess that
occurs. Seeing a stranger walking around the base doesn't mean much
since the assault carrier is present with all of its crew.
Mind you, Gato himself comments on how horrible the security is when he
gets smuggled in. And Kou drives right up to the two Gundams without
getting challenged by anyone.
At any rate, the ship crew is probably counting on base security, base
security is probably counting on the perimeter security, and the
perimeter security is probably counting on the fact that the Federation
is currently the top dog, there are no enemies who can challenge them,
and there have been three years of peace.
Add to that a whole host of strangers in uniform, and the only person in
the base who'd be likely to challenge Gato would be Nina.


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