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This was posted on USENet Tuesday, 20 March 2001, by JMS himself.

>To those who've heard the news already, and those just now finding out...the
>SciFi Channel today announced that we have a new Babylon 5 TV movie going into
>production that will also serve as a pilot for a likely new series.
>The movie (and the series) is under the heading of BABYLON 5: THE LEGEND OF THE
>RANGERS. The specific title for the 2-hour movie's story is "To Live and Die
>in Starlight."
>There isn't much I can tell you about the story because we're kinda keeping the
>details under wraps as much as possible for the time being. What little I can
>It's set in the B5 universe just under 3 years after the events of "Objects at
>Rest." At this point there's one major character from the B5 universe in the
>script (a fan favorite). Where B5 was a heavy drama with some adventure/action
>elements, this one is a little more skewed toward adventure with underlying
>drama (which is about what you'd expect from the Anla-Shok).
>We've been sitting on this information for a while now...such that we're
>already well into pre-production. We'll be shooting this movie around mid-May,
>well in advance of any potential actor's strike (the script is done and so far
>everybody likes it a LOT).
>We've already got designs coming in on a new ship, and a new *kind* of
>ship...and we're going to be getting more into Minbari aesthetics, technologies
>and philosophy.
>It's got some great characters, and it's a lot of fun.
>I have other news to announce on other fronts...have since the end of the year,
>in fact...but I'm still sitting on the details awaiting another press release
>from another studio. What I *can* say is that I have a firm GO order to
>executive produce a new series (nominally SF) that will go into production
>after the potential SAG strike. When that's finally over, if the strike indeed
>happens, we pull the trigger and go into principal photography and it's an
>order for a full season's worth of episodes.
>I can't give you any details right now on the subject, title, studio or
>network. That will have to await the studio's release...so don't even ask.
>As far as doing both projects at the same time is concerned...it's actually
>quite common, as testified to by folks like John Wells and Aaron Sorkin and
>David Kelly and others. So there won't be any conflict.
>More later.
> jms
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