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It performed poorly in space because of Newton's laws of physics, every
action has an equal reaction, or in this case every movement has an equal
reactive movement. When Kou aims his gun at a target 10 degrees to port,
the Gundam counter rotates to starboard. How many degrees does the Gundam
counter rotate? Well in order to know that, you also need to know the mass
of the arm and gun vs. the mass of the rest of the Gundam, the center of
gravity for the Gundam, and position of the other limbs since they will
effect the center of gravity. Along with a few other things I'm sure I
forgot to mention.

So you'd better listen to Nina and get those recalibration numbers correct.

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and another tech question: why does the GP01 perform
so poorly in space? if it has enough thrust to fly in
the atmosphere, it should at least be able to move its
arm or some thing to aim and shoot? that is one of the
biggest tech holes i know

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