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Ahh! What is the issue number? Did someone say diamond collectables offers
HJ by the single issue?
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> I finally got my hands on the magazine every Gundam fan's been talking
> fabled Hobby Japan. I must say it's one cool magazine...
> Here's a summary of all the Gundam-related goodies. The Cover is 0080 and
> delivers. We are given a few pictures of the new MG Kampfer, followed by a
> diorama of the 1/144 Hygog and Zugock-E models attacking the Antartic base
> the beginning of 0080.
> Then we have an interesting 'battle damaged' NT-1, showing it in damaged
> getting bombed by the Kampfer) and then armorless and with the damaged
> It shows it in two spreads showing it in action against the Kampfer and
> II FZ.
> Next up is a conversion of an MG Gelgoog into a Gelgoog Jaeger, followed
> a mass-production Guncannon which appears to be built from scratch. Then
> get a Zaku II FZ built from the parts of the Zaku II and Gouf MG kits.
> Next up we tread into HGUC territory as a Gelgoog Marine is changed into
> commander type. There's a short section on a GM Quell converted into the
> Jegan" as well as the Geara Doga Psycommu test type, converted from a Jagd
> kit(I have one question-is the Geara Doga test type Char's? It's red and
> legs have Sazabi all over them.
> Next up is a diorama of the scene in which Garma's Gau is taken down by
> Base and it's MS. Char's Zaku II is a High Grade and First Grade bash, the
> Base and Gau are the classic kits and the Guncannon and Guntank are HGUCs.
> There's an interesting diorama potraying the 'last shooting' which is
> from a Banpresto stand.
> Next up is Gundam Express, which previews new Gundam stuff. There's a
> of MG Gouf Custom(Mostly pics we've seen before) and the HGUC Char's
> Other previews include MSIA Gelgoog and Gelgoog Char's version, Shenlong,
> Tallgeese II and Hyaku Shiki. There are new Gashopon figures-O, slightly
> Bound Doc, Hammarabi, Magella Attack tank, what appears to be a dark Zaku
> and Hyaku Shiki and Z Gundam. There's a preview of the new Gundam
> game as well.
> Next up is SD stuff. Coming out are keyholders of Quebeley, Z Gundam, Nu
> Sazabi, Casval's Gundam, Victory Assault Buster Gundam, and Gundam F91.
> Elmeth and Big Zam SD kits are also previewed. Also new SD prizes include
> 0083 set of GP-01, GP-02, Dom Tropen, Xammel, GM Kai, GP-01FB, GP-02A, Val
> and Cima's Gelgoog. Prototypes are shown for GP-03D, GP-03s, GM-Cannon II,
> Tetra, Neue Zeul and Sandrock custom.
> There's a feature on the new Gundam Acqualis kit, as well as it's
> Epyon. Plus there are previews of Tallgeese III, Serpent and Leo kits.
> There's a nifty cut-out CG diorama for those 0083 Gashopns I meantioned
> a bit on the SD game Digiboard mission. Next up is an impressive spread of
> new Full Armor Gundam toy, showing all the pieces and it with and without
> There's also a preview of the new Perfect Gundam toy. Looks impressive.
> Then there's some feature on getting the lighting for your
> real interesting here...
> Skip ahead a few pages, and there's this rather eccentric feature showing
> young lady working with Max Watanabe on the HGUC GP-01 model...If anybody
> the issue and knows what they're saying, please tell me!
> There's some nifty's a very cool pic of the oft-neglected
> climate GM from 0080, and two pics of Quess with the Alpha Azieru.
> The "Next Issue" looks like there's some cool appears to
> a Gouf with what appear to be Deathscythe's Buster shields, done Katoki
> Another is a boosterless GP-02 variation.
> Of course there are all sorts of other anime goodies, including Patlabor,
> Love Hina....etc....
> Anybody know how to subscribe to the magazine? If so how much? I know
> now carries issues, including the one I have with me...
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