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> And what is so horrible about this? I think this is very cool and
> interesting. I'd build it. 15 cm is about 5 inches, a good size for a
> poseable kit. Although, the hint sounds very similar to Mazinger. Ma...
> Zin... Ga... = Mazinger? I've seen Mazinger Z spelled as Mazinga . . .
> Aaron aka BlazeEagle
> "Believing a sign of Zeta"

What is strange in Mazinga (in japanese Majinga-, where majin is demon, evil
creature)? Anyway you hadn't ever eseen the Die Cast Mazinger series of
Bandai, if I read well. There are Mazinger Z, Black Mazinger Z, Great
Mazinger and Black Great Mazinger. On the box is written (I am remembering,
not sure about every single word): kodomo no kokoro o motte ita otonatachi e
.... [translation: for adults who have had the heart of a child]. Anyway
HLJ has got some of them. Try with typing "Die Cast" in the space of search.
Alessandro (remaining in Nagai's anime series)

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