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RX-93-V-2 Hi-Nu Gundam wrote:
> and I'm gonna tie Cima with Mora...why? Cima's the queen bitch
> (pardon the language) and those type of women turn me on, to say the
> least. Good pilot but got rather stupid against the Orchis and gets
> herself impaled on its big gun 8(

I suppose I could put Cima at #8 or so... Sure a queen bitch is fine, but
for a supposedly devious character, she tipped her hands once too often.
And consider these two major screw-ups: pissing off Kelly BEFORE she took
procession of Val Walo and losing her own ship and crew AFTER having Delaz
in her grasp. What a loser.

> >4. Kelly's neglected girlfriend. Her only mistake is falling for that
> I'm gonna give this place to Kelly, who still had the fire in his eyes
> despite his disability - too bad Cima didn't trust him

Reminds me of those Japanese soldiers who holed out in the Phillipine
jungles for 40 years after WW2 is done and (almost) forgotten. Their
perseverance and stupidity are mind-boogling.

> This place goes to Gato. Why only #6? Gato's too perfect, and too
> blinded by his own ideal - good in some cases though.

Too perfect? If he'd shut his trap for 10 minutes then he'd be one tenth
of the way to perfection. Yak yak yak he's just as whiny as Kou, only he
yells ALL THE TIME. If he could shut up, I'd put him at #6, as he is,
he's no higher than #11, behind Nameless Bimbo #5 :)

> This goes to Adel. The least crazy of the three stooges (that's what
> I call Adel, Bate and Monsha anyway), always calm and collected.

What did he do? Didn't he get Darth Maul'ed the moment he stepped out of
the hangar?

> This goes to Bate. Most memorable moment was when he gives the finger
> to a Dom Tropen he shot down, a few moments before being shot down

A total waste of good MS, if he hadn't spent the time to flip the birdy,
he could spend the time scanning for the next boogie. Even if he can't
dodge it, at least he would find out what hit him.

> I'd give this to Karius, Gato's partner in crime. Good soldier too.
> This one goes to Synapse. He may have "stolen" the GP-03, but at
> least he has the initiative to get the job done, especially that
> they're an autonomous unit.

Who? Can't remember these two :)

I suppose I could squeeze that Xamel driver into the #8 spot. With Cima
and the Xamel driver, I would have to push Nameless Bimbo #4 and #5 out, a
real shame...

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