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I finally got my hands on the magazine every Gundam fan's been talking about-the
fabled Hobby Japan. I must say it's one cool magazine...
 Here's a summary of all the Gundam-related goodies. The Cover is 0080 and it
delivers. We are given a few pictures of the new MG Kampfer, followed by a cool
diorama of the 1/144 Hygog and Zugock-E models attacking the Antartic base at
the beginning of 0080.
 Then we have an interesting 'battle damaged' NT-1, showing it in damaged Chobham(After
getting bombed by the Kampfer) and then armorless and with the damaged V-fin.
It shows it in two spreads showing it in action against the Kampfer and Zaku
 Next up is a conversion of an MG Gelgoog into a Gelgoog Jaeger, followed by
a mass-production Guncannon which appears to be built from scratch. Then we
get a Zaku II FZ built from the parts of the Zaku II and Gouf MG kits.
 Next up we tread into HGUC territory as a Gelgoog Marine is changed into Cima's
commander type. There's a short section on a GM Quell converted into the "Stark
Jegan" as well as the Geara Doga Psycommu test type, converted from a Jagd Doga
kit(I have one question-is the Geara Doga test type Char's? It's red and the
legs have Sazabi all over them.
 Next up is a diorama of the scene in which Garma's Gau is taken down by White
Base and it's MS. Char's Zaku II is a High Grade and First Grade bash, the White
Base and Gau are the classic kits and the Guncannon and Guntank are HGUCs.
 There's an interesting diorama potraying the 'last shooting' which is apparentally
from a Banpresto stand.
 Next up is Gundam Express, which previews new Gundam stuff. There's a preview
of MG Gouf Custom(Mostly pics we've seen before) and the HGUC Char's Zugock.
Other previews include MSIA Gelgoog and Gelgoog Char's version, Shenlong, Heavyarms,
Tallgeese II and Hyaku Shiki. There are new Gashopon figures-O, slightly retconned
Bound Doc, Hammarabi, Magella Attack tank, what appears to be a dark Zaku tank,
and Hyaku Shiki and Z Gundam. There's a preview of the new Gundam Wonderswan
game as well.
 Next up is SD stuff. Coming out are keyholders of Quebeley, Z Gundam, Nu Gundam,
Sazabi, Casval's Gundam, Victory Assault Buster Gundam, and Gundam F91. The
Elmeth and Big Zam SD kits are also previewed. Also new SD prizes include a
0083 set of GP-01, GP-02, Dom Tropen, Xammel, GM Kai, GP-01FB, GP-02A, Val Varo
and Cima's Gelgoog. Prototypes are shown for GP-03D, GP-03s, GM-Cannon II, Gerbera
Tetra, Neue Zeul and Sandrock custom.

There's a feature on the new Gundam Acqualis kit, as well as it's "Brother"
Epyon. Plus there are previews of Tallgeese III, Serpent and Leo kits.
 There's a nifty cut-out CG diorama for those 0083 Gashopns I meantioned earlier...than
a bit on the SD game Digiboard mission. Next up is an impressive spread of the
new Full Armor Gundam toy, showing all the pieces and it with and without armor.
There's also a preview of the new Perfect Gundam toy. Looks impressive.
 Then there's some feature on getting the lighting for your model...nothing
real interesting here...
 Skip ahead a few pages, and there's this rather eccentric feature showing a
young lady working with Max Watanabe on the HGUC GP-01 model...If anybody has
the issue and knows what they're saying, please tell me!
 There's some nifty fanart...one's a very cool pic of the oft-neglected cold
climate GM from 0080, and two pics of Quess with the Alpha Azieru.
 The "Next Issue" looks like there's some cool variations...one appears to be
a Gouf with what appear to be Deathscythe's Buster shields, done Katoki style.
Another is a boosterless GP-02 variation.
 Of course there are all sorts of other anime goodies, including Patlabor, Gaiogigar,
Love Hina....etc....
 Anybody know how to subscribe to the magazine? If so how much? I know www.gundamshop.com
now carries issues, including the one I have with me...

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