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i might be more suspicious about the GP-02A if that base wasn't already
being used as a test-flight center... and bazookas can hold more than
just nuclear ordanance.. just that i think Kou came to his conclusion be
fore the rumors could have grown too rampant (heck, he might have had a
hand in starting them..)


Richie Ramos -- Crouching Tiger, Hidden Gundam! wrote:
> uhm, military paranioa rule: you have a bunker with weapons so nasty that
> they have eye-pass systems with handprint scanners for it, you have two
> prototypes, one which obviously has a weapon load system and a bazooka in
> its shield. you have the prototypes stored in a white-base type ship which
> has a lot of firepower. what do you infer? that they are just resupplying?
> add to that you see a lot of their tech personnel - and the base's --
> running around transporting stuff from bunker to the carrier (i know, we
> don't see that in the cartoon, but there are things that happen off-camera).
> The captain of the ship actually accompanies the base commander to the
> bunker. scuttlebutt in a base travels pretty fast, secrecy rules
> notwithstanding. though they may not have known for sure that it was a
> nuke-carrying mecha, the scuttlebutt and just a little brainpower would have
> allowed them to infer pretty much all that.
> and best of all, you have Nina rooting around the prototypes. LOL!
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> > > You could argue that yes, but why store something like that in active
> > > status, unless you know you may have to use it someday? The nuke we saw
> in
> > > 0083 wasn't disassembled into component pieces.
> > was there any reason why it should have been? just because the
> > neighborhood gets a little nicer dosn't mean you leave all the guns in
> > the house field-stripped.. and the point i was trying to make was that
> > compleate warheads stored there does not mean any tom, dick, or harry
> > could make the intuitive leap and assume that one was going to be pulled
> > form storage just for the GP-02A... even (IIRC) before the vault was
> > actually opened
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