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Are you talking about the B Joints made by Wave, or just a ball joint in general?
Believe it or not, there is a difference.

Since you have built MG kits, I will use those as example. Most hip joints on the MG line of kits, if not all, are balljoints. A ball joint consist of 2 parts, a ball on a pin or stick, and a socket that accepts the ball and wraps around it. In the case of MG kits, the Ball and stick part is cast out of regular plastic, while the socket is a PC part.

In the case of Waves B-Joints, There is still 2 parts: the ball on a stick, and a socket with a stick. However, the socket is a little different. It wraps around the ball a bit more, with 2 sides slightly chipped away (lack of a better way to describe) to allow greater moments.

B-joints are usually for people who like to convert their plastic or resin kits to achieve greater mobility. Very popular buggers.

Hope you are now more confused. :)

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  <<Ball joints are like how most Gundam kits hips attach to the body, a ball on
  the body and a socket in the hip. That's why they are called ball joints,
  because these joints actually have a ball. Other types of joints can
  reproduce the range of ball joints, it would just take more joints to do so.
  So, a ball joint is used most often because I would guess, is less complex
  then a series of joints. Did this help?

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  It helped a little. U confused me a little though.

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