Dafydd Neal Dyar (dafydd@dyarstraights.com)
Wed, 21 Mar 2001 20:41:16 -0800

I was watching Chicken Run on DVD (a Christmas present) the other day and
remembered the old Bandai Plamodel commercials where they stop-motion animated
the Mobile Suit models. Then I got to thinking about Blue Submarine No. 6 and
how disappointed I was with the CGI. Then I thought about Gundam FIX and how
cool that looked.

It occurs to me that a stop-motion animated Gundam using dioramas put together
by that insane bunch of modelers who do those features for Hobby Japan and the
like, augmented by some judicious CGI for beam effects, smoke, water and such,
might be the best way to go for a live-action Gundam. The end result should be
at least as good as the Gerry Anderson actors-and-models shows, UFO and Space:

For that matter, clay animated characters by the likes of Nick Park or Will
Vinton set in said dioramas with stop-motion animated models might be better
than live action with actors. You can start seeing the claymation characters as
being real in the same way that you can animated ones or puppets like those in
the Gerry Anderson SuperMarionation classics (Fireball XL5, Supercar,
Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet) or Go Nagai's X Bomber (dubbed into English as
Star Fleet).

Given the level of detail on the Perfect Grade models, I think that a film based
on stop-motion could actually be more realistic than anything currently possible
in CGI.


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