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Marcel Tualla wrote:

> I've finishing watching 0083 again (I've watch it all at least 5 times before
> -gets better every time).
> And I was wondering how they could have generated gravity on the moon (Van
> Braun) to that of the earth.
> I do realize that this is sci-fi and I'm willing to accept any crazy fanciful
> theories, but this is the Gundam
> universe, so I'm hoping there is some bit of a scientific explanation. Further
> to this how did they manage
> to centralize the area where the gravity is to be used?

None of the above. There's no artificial gravity in the lunar colonies. What
you're seeing is an artifact of the way the animators decided to do the scenes.

As far back as Z Gundam, they decided that an accurate depiction of lunar
gravity was more trouble than it was worth. As a result, all of the interior
scenes (inside Von Braun City, etc.) were animated as if they were full-gravity
and all of the exterior scenes (out on the lunar surface) were animated as if
they were zero-gravity.

Gravity is all or nothing, because the dynamics of everything from how people
walk to the "hang time" of spilled liquids would have to be done differently.
Zero-gravity is relatively easy, since you just treat everything as if it were
in slo-mo, but accurate depiction of one-sixth G would've been a real nightmare.


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