Javier Vega (gundame81@yahoo.com)
Wed, 21 Mar 2001 20:21:58 -0800 (PST)

You forget,Amuro lost his the gundam..
yeah, as in he read the manual as he was piloting it
with better results because he thinks it was the
Gundam did it,but Kou was just a Young test pilot in
Peace time he was plioting a Zaku when you frist saw
him.Yes he was a crapy ass pilot In a Zaku yet a Zaku
only good for hand to hand Combat,close Range fighting
but he got better at even if he was a not a Newtype he
became experience to learn how to pliot the
Gundam.Amuro was never that good in Close Range combat
when he went up aganst Char then Amuro got experience
he got better use to the Gundam and his newtype powers
he started to beat Char to a in a Draw.

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