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Richard Ramos - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Gundam! wrote:
> > > Yes, but he had heard about it already...did he contribute to the
> > > design/engineering of other mecha?
> > umm, where did he hear about the GP-02a being nuklear-capable? wasn't
> > that like super top-clerance hush-hush or something? only the Captain,
> > and some of the crew of the Albion and the Base commander IIRC were
> > informed that nukes would even be used in the tests much less that they
> > were to be used by GP-02A
> > -Les
> uhm, you're in a base which has a weapons bunker that has high security
> clearance? gee, it doesn't take smarts. The US categorically denied they
> had nukes in their bases here, but everyone knew they had.
just because they have something dosn't mean it's going to be used..


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