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> > well, how MS's the size of small buildings got that
> > close to the base is
> > also a mystery to me. and then there is the fact
> > that two prototypes were
> > in an OPEN hangar...EGADZ. What were they on???
> > specially since one of the prototypes had a NUKE
> > loaded into it...gee. That
> > was pretty smart.
> Well It was Peace time the Earth Federation won the
> battal of Solomon In 0079 the one year war you saw all
> epsoides of Mobil Suit Gundam the Zeon Declared Peace
> in the end.Remember In the Gundam movie III In the
> Ending Creaits were show all the Japanese Creaits you
> see that Red ship fly away across space guess what
> Ship it was?

Even then, it's still lax security. The proper dictum is that one should be
even more on guard when it is peacetime, precisely because it is a lull in
between wars. I would be more on guard at peacetime, too, since I know that
it';s the best time for espionage like this to happen.

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