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Mon, 19 Mar 2001 05:13:31 +0800

> > but he is a test pilot, not an engineer.
> it's not un-common for test-plot to have at least some
> technical/engineering knowledge and skills, makes them better
> test-pilots...

hmmmm...okay leslie, I bow to that logic. Kou definitely must have
technical knowledge, even if he was a walking target for the new GM.

> after the man-power drain of the OYW with all it's casualties shipping
> tallented amateurs off to test-bases dosn't sound so un-believable..
> and remember it was the experienced pilots who actually flew the test
> machines and the 'rookies' who were in the aggressor role..
> -Les

Ditto on that. It makes sense...the Immortals only came in after all the
testing. from the front lines, from the looks of it.

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