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> Richard Ramos - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Gundam! wrote:
> > On the other hand, if he were even half as good as Burning, 0083 would
> > very short as a series. As for Kelly...well, that's what you get for
> > letting an old MA to go up against a new MS. if Amuro had piloted the
> > he would have ended the battle right quick...but I admit, it was rather
> > dramatic for him to save Nina. AND it was stupid of Nina to be there
> > the first place.
> Ok, let's be positive for a change ;)
> My top 10 list of best 0083 characters:
> 1. South Burning, his only mistake was giving Kou half a chance

two mistakes: he sees briefcase and figures out the whole plot. Instant
death. "I know the whole stroyline!" BOOM!

> 2. Mora, next to Burning, she's probably the best potential for taking
> care of bussiness. Also scores points for having one of the few
> sensible love affairs in Gundam universes.

This I will Agree with!

> 3. Keith, ain't very much good, but did his best given his limited ability
> and courage. Most important attribute: knows when to stay out of the
> way.

You're right on that. I actually find Keith to be a better pilot.

> 4. Kelly's neglected girlfriend. Her only mistake is falling for that
> one-armed weirdo, but love is blind sometimes.

He must have been a dashig young pilot once, until the loss of his arm made
him bitter. still, I can see why she fell for him.

> 5. That girl who died in AE trying to put Kou in GP-03S. That's more
> courage than Kou, Keith and Monsha combined.

Damn yes. She was guts personified.

> 6. Nameless big-busted system engineer bimbo #1. Just as easy on the eyes
> as #5, didn't do much, didn't screw things up.
> 7. Nameless bimbo #2. same
> 8. Nameless bimbo #3. same
> 9. Nameless bimbo #4. same
> 10. Nameless bimbo #5. same
> Hmm 8 out of 10 are female, perhaps 0083 is really a feminist story :P

I actually think it is, because only Nina was screwy.

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