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>Ok, let's be positive for a change ;)
>My top 10 list of best 0083 characters:
>1. South Burning, his only mistake was giving Kou half a chance

LOL! as someone said in this thread, had Burning been piloting the Gundam, 0083 would've been over quick. Strict but effective in teaching newbies. But I still hate the way he died...very senseless - I'd rather have him die honorably in combat.

>2. Mora, next to Burning, she's probably the best potential for taking
> care of bussiness. Also scores points for having one of the few
> sensible love affairs in Gundam universes.

and I'm gonna tie Cima with Mora...why? Cima's the queen bitch (pardon the language) and those type of women turn me on, to say the least. Good pilot but got rather stupid against the Orchis and gets herself impaled on its big gun 8(

>3. Keith, ain't very much good, but did his best given his limited ability
> and courage. Most important attribute: knows when to stay out of the
> way.

agreed. And that scene where he first tried to pick up Nina but gets Mora's attention was funny.

>4. Kelly's neglected girlfriend. Her only mistake is falling for that
> one-armed weirdo, but love is blind sometimes.

I'm gonna give this place to Kelly, who still had the fire in his eyes despite his disability - too bad Cima didn't trust him

>5. That girl who died in AE trying to put Kou in GP-03S. That's more
> courage than Kou, Keith and Monsha combined.

Lucette Audevie. She was certainly more sensible (as a person, but her Orchis design wasn't so...) but she did introduce new technology in the form of a linear seat cockpit for the Stamen. Better looking than Nina ( in my opinion anyway) and probably significantly less annoying, to boot. Too bad she died...

>6. Nameless big-busted system engineer bimbo #1. Just as easy on the eyes
> as #5, didn't do much, didn't screw things up.

whoa...she was big-busted? I didn't notice that... ^_^

This place goes to Gato. Why only #6? Gato's too perfect, and too
blinded by his own ideal - good in some cases though.

>7. Nameless bimbo #2. same

This goes to Adel. The least crazy of the three stooges (that's what I call Adel, Bate and Monsha anyway), always calm and collected.

>8. Nameless bimbo #3. same

This goes to Bate. Most memorable moment was when he gives the finger to a Dom Tropen he shot down, a few moments before being shot down himself.

>9. Nameless bimbo #4. same

I'd give this to Karius, Gato's partner in crime. Good soldier too.

>10. Nameless bimbo #5. same

This one goes to Synapse. He may have "stolen" the GP-03, but at least he has the initiative to get the job done, especially that they're an autonomous unit.

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