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Leslie_R wrote:
> it's not un-common for test-plot to have at least some
> technical/engineering knowledge and skills, makes them better
> test-pilots...

It's downright a life-hazard for a test pilot to have anything less than a
Master's (PhD preferred) knowledge of aerodynamics, propulsion systems,
electrical and mechanical engineering. When both your engines framed out,
half a wing ripped off and the horizontal stablizer locked up (which
happens about once a month for a test pilot), it's quite a trick not to
die in a fiery explosion.

Kou clearly demonstrated that his knowledge of flight dynamics is inferior
to a teenage bush pilot, both by mis-configuring GP-01's flight controls
and by taking the said mis-configured suit out into battle. He should
have followed order and taken a properly configured (meaning not by him)
GM out for that mission. With a GM, he would have performed better at his
mission (base defence). But it will also certainly mean his death at
Cima's hands. Perhaps subconsciously he knew that his chance against Cima
is worse than a snowball in hell anyway, and his only way to survive is to
take out a super-armored but disabled suit and just wait for Cima to run
out of ammo.

Kou may be smarter than you think :)

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