Dom Tetreault (
Wed, 21 Mar 2001 18:39:22

>umm, where did he hear about the GP-02a being nuklear-capable? wasn't
>that like super top-clerance hush-hush or something? only the Captain,
>and some of the crew of the Albion and the Base commander IIRC were
>informed that nukes would even be used in the tests much less that they
>were to be used by GP-02A

*Someone* high up had to know. A base commander can't just go out and
commission a nuclear-capable mobile suit. =) I figure they leaked it to
Delaz et al: 'Look what we've got. Mind your step.' And maybe they thought
they could get away with it because, hey, the war's over, we don't need to
worry about trifling things like treaties with a decimated enemy. Who will
notice? =)

- dom
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