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kcsquare wrote:
> but he is a test pilot, not an engineer.

it's not un-common for test-plot to have at least some
technical/engineering knowledge and skills, makes them better

> ok, Amuro & Kamiru both designed something
> but Judau Ashita did not design anything either
> btw, a second LT as a test pilot? I kinda find that
> hard to swallow.
> I always thought that you ought to have a few yrs
> experience before you can be 1 of the elite test pilot
> corps
after the man-power drain of the OYW with all it's casualties shipping
tallented amateurs off to test-bases dosn't sound so un-believable..
and remember it was the experienced pilots who actually flew the test
machines and the 'rookies' who were in the aggressor role..


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