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Richard Ramos - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Gundam! wrote:
> On the other hand, if he were even half as good as Burning, 0083 would be
> very short as a series. As for Kelly...well, that's what you get for
> letting an old MA to go up against a new MS. if Amuro had piloted the GP01,
> he would have ended the battle right quick...but I admit, it was rather
> dramatic for him to save Nina. AND it was stupid of Nina to be there in
> the first place.

Ok, let's be positive for a change ;)

My top 10 list of best 0083 characters:

1. South Burning, his only mistake was giving Kou half a chance

2. Mora, next to Burning, she's probably the best potential for taking
   care of bussiness. Also scores points for having one of the few
   sensible love affairs in Gundam universes.

3. Keith, ain't very much good, but did his best given his limited ability
   and courage. Most important attribute: knows when to stay out of the

4. Kelly's neglected girlfriend. Her only mistake is falling for that
   one-armed weirdo, but love is blind sometimes.

5. That girl who died in AE trying to put Kou in GP-03S. That's more
   courage than Kou, Keith and Monsha combined.

6. Nameless big-busted system engineer bimbo #1. Just as easy on the eyes
   as #5, didn't do much, didn't screw things up.

7. Nameless bimbo #2. same

8. Nameless bimbo #3. same

9. Nameless bimbo #4. same

10. Nameless bimbo #5. same

Hmm 8 out of 10 are female, perhaps 0083 is really a feminist story :P

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