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Richie Ramos -- Crouching Tiger, Hidden Gundam! wrote:
> you forget, Amuro had knowledge of the gundam..

yeah, as in he read the manual AS He Was Piloting IT!

 and is actually a techie
> boy...not like kou, whi really isn't up to snuff in the engineering part.

ex-squeeze me? are we talking about the same Kou who could tell that the
GP-02 was nuke-capable just by looking at it?

> Remember, Amuro was the kind who actually studied enemy MS's to blow them up
> better.

i only saw him trying to work-out the possible specs for te Gouf, and
that was well into his career.. he could have been doing that as a favor
to technical Intel or for his own personal tech-head curiosity.. not
nessicarily to know whick loose bolt makes the whole thing fall down...

  Kou? aside from having a fear of carrots...eeek.

well, George Bush (not Dubya) had a thing about Brocolli..


"He's a God, it'll take more than one shot."
     -Lady Eboshi, 'Princess Mononoke'

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