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Mon, 19 Mar 2001 02:50:53 +0800

> Just like everyone else said; the Re-GZ is a cheaper mass produced version
> of the Zeta Gundam. In one scene of CCA; before Amuro gets the Nu-Gundam
> he tells Noa that if he had the original Zeta he would be able to beat
> Char.
> Amuro must have been very cocky or confident if he thinks he could beat
> Sasabi with the Zeta Gundam

seeing as how Amuro is the master of dirty tricks, I can see that it is a
possibility...specially with the mental psycho thingie. If used properly,
any MS can be a killer machine...and Amuro is a master of maximizing the use
of a mecha, and of thinking of out-of-the-box tactics...after all, the
Sazabi was crippled not by ranged attack, but by good ol'
rip-the-exposed-cables tactics. and a nasty beam sword stored in the

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