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The full review, needless to say, will be on the Newtype asylum, with a copy
of it soon to be on the Mechapinoy site.

preliminary reaction: Yeah-boy!

hokay, it's basically the gouf frame, with some differences...the obvious
one being the chest and the heat whip. I remember Mark Simmons saying that
the rings on the whip were really nasty, kit-building wise. well, the new
whip is basically wiring with what seems to be a taser-stub-like end to it.

But of course, let's get to the non-mad-cow-diseased meat of the matter:
the BFG that is attached to the shield.

People, it is LARGE. and when you assemble it, it will have to be barrel by
barrel; yes, folks, the gatling array is assembled piece by piece, which,
though hard to assemble, is a glory painting-wise. the barrel array does
rotate, courtesy of a polycap, and the tri-barrel armgun is very much a
scary thing...and the jungle bolo kicks major butt. My only complaint is
that the gunhand is not present, nor is there any concrete provision for it
to actually have a gunless shield. but these are trifles, since I assume
that we did buy this kit for the rotating orgasmic frenzy of a gun. can it
be actually held level into firing position? Yes, if you don't play around
with the joints too much, and you use the screw joint to tighten the
shoulder. even then, the main socket joint is a polycap affair, so it's
once again white glue to the rescue so you can temporarily freeze the arm
into firing position if you want. And it still looks weird in the sense
that one doesn't know how the hell the MS can pull the sword out from its
scabbard. but all in all, it is a worthy kit. am arming it with an extra
Zaku II gun, and then I am thinking of adding more weapons that will be
hooked to the backpack.

Oh, and the headspike looks like a spatula.

more to come in my Newtype installment, when I finish assembling and
painting it. am trying it in such a way that I will take pictures of it
step by step into assembly...

<ducks back into his room to savor the smell of paint>

I love the smell of fresh paint in the evening! ladidah-ladidah.

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