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> First we had the base commander (who was at least a colonel) opening a
> huge reinforced bunker using all kinds of passwords, iris scan, and finger
> printing, and muttering it's been many year since the nuke vault is opened
> and that he never need to open it again. Next minute we see Nina (an
> unarmed CIVIE) loading a live nuke with not a single armed guard arround.
> I mean, ok, so the story call for Gato to steal the nuke and MS. But my
> god! we have more security protecting our Windows 98 CD's in our office.
> Dr. Core
> Brain Surgeon
> Newtype Asylum

well, how MS's the size of small buildings got that close to the base is
also a mystery to me. and then there is the fact that two prototypes were
in an OPEN hangar...EGADZ. What were they on???

specially since one of the prototypes had a NUKE loaded into it...gee. That
was pretty smart.

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