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Where does it say that the Gelgoogs were 'officer mecha' for leading Zakus?
The Zakus had their own command variant, the -S model. The Gelgoog also had an
-S command variant.

Joaquin Torres

Federico Makabenta wrote:

> Hmm? Then why did a rookie teener in UC 0079 get to use the RX-78-2
> exclusively? :)
> Actually, we should do something like the old Marvel No-Prize. Take a
> supposed hole or mistake in the plotline or the series and help explain how
> it fits the story of 0083. We've heard an explanation as to why Cima had a
> Gelgoog platoon before I think (IIRC Mark Simmons explained that one),
> whereas before in the OYW Gelgoogs were the supposed officer mecha leading
> Zakus.
> Fed
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