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Richie Ramos -- Crouching Tiger, Hidden Gundam! wrote:
> Fed wrote:
> > Hmm? Then why did a rookie teener in UC 0079 get to use the RX-78-2
> > exclusively? :)
> you forget, Amuro had knowledge of the gundam and is actually a techie
> boy...not like kou, whi really isn't up to snuff in the engineering part.
> Remember, Amuro was the kind who actually studied enemy MS's to blow them up

Fed can make the very legit argument that Amuro had no military training,
assignment and security clearance. He broke Federal security laws by even
laying eyes on that Gundam. Kou was a trained and qualified (how? I don't
know) test pilot of the Federal Forces. Amuro was 100 times worse than a
rookie, he was a civie. And civies ain't even allowed to operate a
military cigarette lighter.

But the big difference is that (1) Amuro was always clearly the best
Gundam pilot within reach and (2) WB crews were hanging on for dear lives
for about the first 20 episodes. I think the story hangs together very
well until they reached Belfast. First he had the blessings of Cassius,
then he had Revil twisting arms behind the scene. Once they reached
Belfast, they give him a rank which squares the military thing, and they
kept the WB crew including Amuro as a giant Newtype Guinea Pig.

Why they didn't lock Amuro up and threw away the key at Belfast (like they
did at Luna Two) is stretching logic a little bit (if you follow the
assumption that the Feds are modelled after the US/NATO military
philosophy). Perhaps a real war with real casuatlies can clear out the
cobwebs in those military brains.

Consider this: Amuro got re-assigned after once disobeying the letters of
Bright's order (using the Guntank instead of Gundam). He was disciplined
dispite completing the mission successfully . And what did Kou get after
failing to protect his base carrier AND trashing the one most powerful
piece of military equipment in the Fed's procession? IIRC, his punishment
was getting laughed at during the next shore leave, oh yeah getting beat
up by a bunch of (get this) civies.

> better. Kou? aside from having a fear of carrots...eeek.

Give him a break, I hated carrots when I was a kid too.

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