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> > 4) uhm, why Kou, a rookie pilot, got the Gp MS's? was it all because of
> > that stupid wargame? gee.
> Hmm? Then why did a rookie teener in UC 0079 get to use the RX-78-2
> exclusively? :)
> Actually, we should do something like the old Marvel No-Prize. Take a
> supposed hole or mistake in the plotline or the series and help explain
> it fits the story of 0083. We've heard an explanation as to why Cima had a
> Gelgoog platoon before I think (IIRC Mark Simmons explained that one),
> whereas before in the OYW Gelgoogs were the supposed officer mecha leading
> Zakus.
> Fed

you forget, Amuro had knowledge of the gundam and is actually a techie
boy...not like kou, whi really isn't up to snuff in the engineering part.
Remember, Amuro was the kind who actually studied enemy MS's to blow them up
better. Kou? aside from having a fear of carrots...eeek.

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