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> Well when Monsha Challage Kuo to a MS Dual because
> Monsha wanted to Pliot the Gundam Kou won the battal
> because Monsha was drinking while piloting. thats
> other silly thing you forgot that part that was in the
> Plot hole in the series. He was no Newtype but he was
> a Testpilot even though he was start out piloting a
> Zaku when you saw the series.He was just a Commen
> person who had no Newtype Powers just Guts and balls
> even if he was a Sissy pilot he did what he can.Took
> on the best of them even when all seem lost in the
> storyline.

 Well, there are drink drivers and there real people like Monsha, so it's
not terriblally unrealistic to portray Monsha the way they did. All Monsha
can think about is booze, women and his ego, combine all those together and
it's no wonder he lost to Kou. Yes, there are real people who act like
Monsha. Having an ego and being arrogant, can cause even the best warrior to
be bested by a rookie, so it's not a big surprise Kou best him.

Um, test pilots are not normal pilots, you know. Only the best of the best
in the real world are test pilots. Test pilots get to test out prototypes
and I am sure the government wouldn't let just anyone pilot prototypes, Kou
is not Amuro :) Sheesh!, just because one's not a NT, doesn't make them a
bad pilot...

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