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> >It's been sort of a pipedream of mine to sit through the whole ordeal
> >again just to make a complete list of all the plot holes and sillinesses.
> >Perhaps we can make:
> >1. A top ten list of 0083 plot holes. (real logical problems)
> (1) one big plot hole (literally) is the colony dropped on N. America
> (2) the Gundam Development Project
> (3) the battle bet. the Val Varo and the GP-01Fb in von Braun city

4) uhm, why Kou, a rookie pilot, got the Gp MS's? was it all because of
that stupid wargame? gee.

> >3. A top ten list of strategic mistakes by all the other players. (Delaz
> > Fleet, Cima Force, von Braun City, Anaheim Electronics all made
> > laughable decisions)
> AE...double dealing?
> Delaz...trusting too much in Cima's fleet
> Cima...especially Cima - annoying someone (Kou in the GP-03 MA) with big
equipment (a local mecha-related ML was discussing about that a few months
ago in a rather naughty tone ^_^)
> von Braun...too neutral that they adopt a "I don't give a damn" attitude

think about it, she had weaponry that could be used at long range...and she
comes in close??? damn, that's stupid.

> >4. A top ten list of annoying and stupid deeds by Nina. (Relena and
> > don't even hold a candle next to Nina when it comes to annoyance)
> hmmm...there's too many to mention...oh wait, here's one - when Nina drove
a jeep through the wrecked Federation base, chasing after Kou in the GP-01,
with her eyes closed...

uhm, having Gato for a lover and conveniently forgetting about it.

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