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Wed, 21 Mar 2001 12:42:11 +0800

> emotional blackmail? disney?
> *stomp*
> richie, what are you talking about?
> i sincerely cannot recall having my emotions pulled by
> disney (aside from laughter as a response to funny
> bits of entertainment, but that's just about it).

uhm, garrick, I was talking about normal people...

> and no, i didn't cry when bambi's mother was shot.
> (er, no smartass references to why i'm still single,
> as i know you will). i didn't even feel anything.
> of course i didn't cry either at "grave of the
> fireflies" but i felt something. at the very least.

i actually didn't even react to Bambi. but then, I hunted animals too...

> and i still think the origins of seta soujiro in
> rorouni kenshin and ruri in nadesico are two of the
> harder hitting origins in recent anime. soujiro is
> one TRAGIC kid who's fictional existence put a very
> nice spin on issues of justice and survival. but
> that's just me and my flagrant opinions. :P
> -garr

Ruri's was simply incredible. I am amazed at the amount of thought that
went into that one episode. Specially her ending repartee. As for
Soujiro...errr, i wasn't able to watch all of his origins, but I do know
that kenshin did one of the best mindjobs in history on that poor boy.

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