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--- "Richard Ramos - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Gundam!"
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> Not to be snide, But could this be just a case of
> insecurity that some of
> the critics - who are animators, it seems - may lose
> their job because they
> can't adapt?

i was trying to say that. :P

> Because if that's not the reason...damn, they need
> to be more open minded.
> I am actually more impressed with the design of
> Batman and the OLD superman
> cartoons than I am by Disney in general. I mean,
> yeah, Disney's got the
> emotional blackmail and the killer emotional
> sequences, but anime -- when it
> is good -- can beat the crap out of them. Notice, I
> am not defending all
> anime, since anime is just as varied as western
> cartoons, which means that
> there are really sucky ones, and there are ally good
> ones. And a lot of
> in-between.

emotional blackmail? disney?


richie, what are you talking about?

i sincerely cannot recall having my emotions pulled by
disney (aside from laughter as a response to funny
bits of entertainment, but that's just about it).

and no, i didn't cry when bambi's mother was shot.
(er, no smartass references to why i'm still single,
as i know you will). i didn't even feel anything.
of course i didn't cry either at "grave of the
fireflies" but i felt something. at the very least.

if i had to name the first toon to tug on my emotional
reactions, it would have to be that ol' japanese toon
(i think) "nobody's boy" or "nobody's child".
funny...i don't even remember much of that one off

and i still think the origins of seta soujiro in
rorouni kenshin and ruri in nadesico are two of the
harder hitting origins in recent anime. soujiro is
one TRAGIC kid who's fictional existence put a very
nice spin on issues of justice and survival. but
that's just me and my flagrant opinions. :P


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