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>It's been sort of a pipedream of mine to sit through the whole ordeal
>again just to make a complete list of all the plot holes and sillinesses.
>Perhaps we can make:
>1. A top ten list of 0083 plot holes. (real logical problems)

(1) one big plot hole (literally) is the colony dropped on N. America
(2) the Gundam Development Project
(3) the battle bet. the Val Varo and the GP-01Fb in von Braun city

>2. A top ten list of strategic mistakes by the Feds. (how can the same
> power that won the OYW make so many idiotic errors 3 short years
> later?)

(1) creating the GP-02A
(2) forgetting that the Naval Review could also be attacked by the GP-02A instead of Jaburo
(3) loading the nuke warhead on the GP-02A's bazooka a night before the actual testing *that* is stupid

>3. A top ten list of strategic mistakes by all the other players. (Delaz
> Fleet, Cima Force, von Braun City, Anaheim Electronics all made
> laughable decisions)

AE...double dealing?
Delaz...trusting too much in Cima's fleet
Cima...especially Cima - annoying someone (Kou in the GP-03 MA) with big equipment (a local mecha-related ML was discussing about that a few months ago in a rather naughty tone ^_^)
von Braun...too neutral that they adopt a "I don't give a damn" attitude

>4. A top ten list of annoying and stupid deeds by Nina. (Relena and Doris
> don't even hold a candle next to Nina when it comes to annoyance)

hmmm...there's too many to mention...oh wait, here's one - when Nina drove a jeep through the wrecked Federation base, chasing after Kou in the GP-01, with her eyes closed...

>5. A top ten list of fatally stupid deeds by Kou. (need I say more?)

uh-oh...that's also too many...from the top of my head (I still have numerous exams and two papers, one paper about sex to do) is (1) when Kou borrows the two books from the Albion's library and the books get discovered by Nina and (2) when Kou stubbornly takes the misconfigured GP-01 into a space battle

>NB: Not starting a flame-war with you, I understand and respect people who
>likes 0083. I just need to rant about 0083 once every 3 months. :)
>Dr. Core
>Brain Surgeon
>Newtype Asylum

funny how 0083 still gets its ass whacked once in a while...we oughtta thank the guys for cranking out one Gundam series that anyone can flog...

james r. 2


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