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Peter Carranza wrote:
> What do you guys think are the most egregious plot holes in 0083? I liked it
> despite some silliness.

It's been sort of a pipedream of mine to sit through the whole ordeal
again just to make a complete list of all the plot holes and sillinesses.
Perhaps we can make:

1. A top ten list of 0083 plot holes. (real logical problems)
2. A top ten list of strategic mistakes by the Feds. (how can the same
   power that won the OYW make so many idiotic errors 3 short years
3. A top ten list of strategic mistakes by all the other players. (Delaz
   Fleet, Cima Force, von Braun City, Anaheim Electronics all made
   laughable decisions)
4. A top ten list of annoying and stupid deeds by Nina. (Relena and Doris
   don't even hold a candle next to Nina when it comes to annoyance)
5. A top ten list of fatally stupid deeds by Kou. (need I say more?)

NB: Not starting a flame-war with you, I understand and respect people who
likes 0083. I just need to rant about 0083 once every 3 months. :)

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