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Ok kiddies,
The big question on everyone's mind... Can the Gouf Custom keep it's big bad
gatling gun shield up?
The answer is yes, and no. Yes, it can get it up and hold it up. But just
like all the other kits with something big and heavy on the left arm...
Gravity will take its course. The problem lies not in the elbow, but the
shoulder. You can probably pose it with the gun going straight at a 90
degree angle, but it will droop with time, and I am willing to bet that the
more you move that shoulder joint up and down, the loser it will get.
My suggestion, don't play with it too much, or it will have problem staying
up... like all things :P


PS. If you want it to stay permanently up, I suggest not only supergluing
the shoulder joint, but to run a rod through the whole arm, with it
anchoring deep in the torso.

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> > Let us know if your MG Gouf Custom and actually hold that
> > gatling gun up to firing position once you build it, LOL.
> >
> > Eddie
> I'll tell you as soon as I get mine up to snuff...but it has a screw
> shoulder, so it should be theoretically able to do that. The elbows are
> same too.
> Clue to all the kit guys:
> the gouf has a LOT of the same parts as the kampfer, specially in internal
> mechanics.
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