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Mon, 19 Mar 2001 18:06:52 -0800

>I don't order from HLJ anymore since now I can get them at local shops
>for the same price or sometimes even cheaper. I live in Orange County,
>so we should get same shipping charge.
>Here's last two orders I made with HLJ, it should give you some ideas on
>the shipping cost,
>BAN900366 1/100 MG Kaempfer Master Grade Series
>1 piece(s) @ 4000 yen each = 4000 (From Order No. 00244898)
>BAN900567 1/100 MG MS-07B3 Gouf Custom Master Grade Series
>1 piece(s) @ 3000 yen each = 3000 (From Order No. 00244898)
>BAN900568 1/144 HG Char's Z'Gok Universal Century Series #019
>1 piece(s) @ 700 yen each = 700 (From Order No. 00244898)
>Merchandise Total: 7700 yen
>Shipping Charge: 3220 yen
>Total: 10920 yen

Ouch. I just picked up a HGUC Char's Zugock kit at Frank & Sons
last Wednesday for a mere 7 bucks. It is virtually identical
to the HGUC mass produced Zugock kit, other than the molded colors
and the lower part of parts #1 and #2 were severely shaved off to
give the lower recess more room to move. Bandai's photos on the
manual and kit box tried to hide that by using mostly low-angle
shots, but I think after the kit is built, the empty space in the
abomen socket will be very visible when viewed from a slighly
higher angle and stick out like a sore thumb.

Oh well. The price you pay for the ability to reproduce the famous
GM-kabob pose.

One thing that's interesting is the parts tree that contained the
modified parts from both kits identified the tree as the 1/144
HG Zugock kit, even though the Char's Zugock kit had modified parts,
the ID tag did not note it as "HG Char's Zugock". Does that mean
the change is permanet, and future releases of the HG Zugock kit
will contain the modified waist? Hmm, time to stock up on pre-
modification HGUC Zugock kits, LOL.

Let us know if your MG Gouf Custom and actually hold that
gatling gun up to firing position once you build it, LOL.


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