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>> Anyone looking forward to it? Here is the site:
>> http://www.gundam.channel.or.jp/goods/videogame/gbo.html
>hm,m is it for dreamcast ????

Yes. I think it's being delayed, too. Was supposed to come out
earlier but the release date got pushed back. Could be a good sign
(that they are trying not to rush it out of the door) or a bad one
(development is in trouble and needs more time?).

Glad it's a real time strategy game as opposed to turn-based.

You get to command ships and MS, assign 12 pilots (4 types: long-range
support, melee, snipers and defensive) including choosing their portrait,
form squads, assign weapons to the MSs, etc. The game has a 1-player
offline mode as well.

It doesn't support the broadband adaptor (didn't know there was one for
the Dreamcast?!) and works only with the factory supplied DC modem. Up
to 4 players can play together online, and the demo version is supposed
to be released in the next 10 days or so, when you reserve your copy.


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